I recently had to find a new place to live, with very short notice.

Emily Candler came to the rescue with very solid references and a prompt response. Soon after, with Ms. Candler's assistance I was able to find a new place to call my home in record time. I highly recommend using Emily's services, she is assertive, attentive, responsible, accommodating and extremely professional. Sincerely, L. Myers

L. Myers


Diaz is a true professional! He knows the area and is excellent at finding and negotiating the best deal possible for his clients. We would highly recommend!

Brad Pennington

Straight forward from beginning to end!

Knowledgeable and well connected. He is an expert in the local area and will help you find whatever you are looking for.

Manuel Sequeira

A year ago I came to Southeast Florida to familiarize myself with homes available for sale as well as neighborhoods.

Mr. Diaz provided me with excellent and professional assistance in familiarizing me with various properties available. A week later I returned to New York and my home on the market. In the meantime Mr. Diaz continued to communicate with me via telephone and email. Providing properties which were available which met my needs. Upon the sale of my house Mr. Diaz assisted my spouse and I in viewing homes which met our wants and needs. Within two weeks I found the property which I purchased. Mr. Diaz made the process easy, quick and convenient. I am very happy to have worked with Mr. Diaz to make my purchase convenient and easy. He is truly a professional and I would recommend him to family and friends who are looking to purchase a property.

Nelida Mejia


Guillermo Diaz is an outstanding Realtor. He's very professional, knowledgeable, friendly and maintains a cool head even when I wasn't during the process. He will go over and beyond to make sure you the client is satisfied. It's not just about the money with him. I can really appreciate his honesty and integrity. I was able to forge a awesome working relationship with him and have recommended him to others because my trust in him.

Craig Knowles

Guillermo helped my husband and I find our dream home.

We are very tough clients who like to see properties in the late afternoons and early evenings after work and on weekends. We are also the type of people who ask a million questions about houses we go see. This never bothered Guillermo. He was always quick to answer his phone and/or email when we requested houses to see. We told him what we liked and he just went with it. We would send him 5 - 10 houses in one email that we wanted to go see and he would try with all his might to get to most or all of them in one day. He was incredibly professional and we were very comfortable around him. Our dream home that we are now in a process of receiving was found by him because "he knew we would love it." He was 100% correct. We fell in love with the house immediately. Who knew that someone that we met a month before could know us so well as to show us a house that is our future. Guillermo was wonderful and still is wonderful throughout the entire process. His expertise and love for the job is shown whenever we talk to him or see him which makes him a great person to work with.


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